Tributo a KISS

English Translation


"Puerto Rico KISS Expo II-A Tribute to KISS" The event, which will pay homage to the famous North American Rock band, will take place tomorrow at the Hard Rock Cafe with the tribute band KISSNATION.

 With a spectacular show that will run for 2 hrs, this band from New York City will play KISS Classics dressed in costumes and make-up, that characterized the authors of "Rock n Roll all Nite" in the 70's and early 80's.

 "This is our first time here and we want the fans to see what we've been doing together. They'll see a pretty complete show with over 20 songs," explained the Puerto Rican born Carlos Espada yesterday on the phone.

 "I was born in Puerto Rico, but we moved to New York before my first birthday" added the young man who is the Gene Simmons persona of the group.

 KISSNATION also will bring together Paulie Z, Ruby Rinekso and Joey Cassata.

 This group is so fanatical about KISS that they've created a line of KISS related toys and assorted merchandize in a joint venture with ART ASYLUM studios. (Correction, Carlos Espada works for Art Asylum. The toy company that created the KISS toys KISS "N" THE BOX & KISS Minimates)

 These products. Which include action figures and comic books (by Dark Horse Comics) could be available on the island (Puerto Rico) as soon as this summer, According to Espada.

 The young musician who knows he members of the original group personally took part in promoting Gene Simmons biography "KISS & MAKE-UP."

Eric Singer Present On a prominent note, Eric Singer the actual drummer for KISS, will be participating in tomorrow's activities and will meet and greet with the fans. In addition several collectors from the U.S will be flying in to sell their collectibles.