Hustler Magazine May 2002

The following is an excerpt of an article titled, I'm With the Sham Band, from the May 2002 issue of HUSTLER written by Kim Cooper and Lisa Sutton. The article is about the groupies that are attracted to tribute band members. KISSNATION's Demon, Carlos Espada, along with the real Gene Simmons himself, was more than happy to oblige to be part of the on and enjoy!

 Gene Simmons, who claims to have fucked thousands of female fans, has no such remorse. Musicians who impersonate Simmons often find themselves imitating his sleazy ways as well. This is one, if not the main, reason that there are more than a dozen Kiss-tribute outfits, stacked heels, blood capsules and all touring the national scene.

 "There's plenty to go around, it's all good." says the genuine Simmons when asked his feelings on faux Genes using his costume to derive sexual satisfaction from Kiss fans.

 The perks that come with being in a Kiss band can far exceed the usual fan adulation, according to New York City based Carlos Espada, a/k/a KISSNATION's Gene. "I've played in original bands before. They're alot of fun, but playing in a tribute band is great. There's no selling; people know what they're there to see. I've been all over the USA, and the groupies are there because of who you're playing."

 Playing Gene comes with it's own special rewards. Carlos candidly admits that, more often than not, his coital connections are done in character. "One time, before a show, a young lady knocked on my dressing-room door, walked in and got on her knees," recalls Carlos, "When she was done, she looked up at me and said, 'Thanks, Gene.' and walked away."

 ~Hustler Magazine May 2002 issue